RealBridge Interface – quick guide

Click on appropriate link in the top right corner of the site

(e.g HCL YearEnd Open Teams – Players or HCL  YearEnd Open Pairs – Players)

This will open a browser with RealBridge Login Page

Please provide your name and click login

Important – Please do not use [space], apostrophe [‘] or any other special characters except hyphen[-] or underscore[_].  RajKumar is okay. Raj-Kumar is okay, Raj_Kumar is okay. Raj Kumar is not. Dr.Raj.Kumar is not.

Look for a table with your team name.

Occupy a seat on that table and that table only. Please make sure you and your partner sit opposite each other (NS or EW)

The system will automatically move you when the play starts.

During the play –

If you need an UNDO – its placed on the right side of your screen, next to your image and name. Same for director.

If for any reason UNDO or DIRECTOR buttons are disabled, please type in chat box that you need a director.

Please explain the bid alongwith alert when you make the bid (there is a textbox in the bidding box for this purpose)


One thought on “RealBridge Interface – quick guide

  • November 29, 2020 at 10:53 AM

    I paid Rs 500/- as mp pair entry fees with 31101969 (sukanta). 31101969 is playing team event with his team where I’m not a member of the team. If they qualify to play team next round will I be able to play with him when the team looses their match?


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