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We are now entering the third edition of Lockdown Battle.

A quick recap – 

The first edition had six teams, and it was a complete round robin. Team Poddar emerged winners at the end of this round robin. See results Here.

The second edition was extended to eight teams, and included Semifinals and Finals. Team Formidables dominated the tournament, and emerged deserving winners. Results Here.

The third edition has been further expanded to include 12 teams. The teams have been divided into two groups of 6 each. They’ll play a round robin within the group and top 2 teams from each group will qualify for SF.

We have 5 new teams entering the frey:

  • Shree Cement
  • Khandelwal
  • Arun Jain
  • Kolkata Juniors
  • Solaris

Manyawar are not participating in this edition.  Raju And Ajay have joined Team Poddar.

Entering the event for the 1st time are PSridhar and S Sunderram, as part of Dhampur.

Here are the groups:

Group A Group B
Formidables Poddar
Rampage Dhampur
Alpha Hemant
Khandelwal Arun Jain
Solaris Shree Cement
Monica Jajoo Juniors

Please visit the tournament for details like draw, team rosters, schedule, results and more.




2 thoughts on “Lockdown battle 3 _ Home

  • April 13, 2020 at 6:21 AM

    Suggest disabling kib if either side desires.
    Exhibit 1. You are VUL , they are NONVUL; you hold JXX AJXX KJX JXX ; RHO opens 1N (15-17)-P-2H( trf) -X -3S-P-4S-P-P-? How do u rate the actual bid of 5H ( d1 and +6 imps on anything but a club lead, d2 and -2 imp on c lead).
    Exhibit 2. KJXX K10X A98X KX Non vul u open 1D -1H-1S-1N -? ( opponents silent) how do u rate the table bid 3N over 1N ? ( there was defense to beat 3N but a competent pair didn’t find it at trick2 , so I guess contract is tough to beat).
    These are inadequate to even complain officially but at the table when they do this, the “ thought that they may be wired”mentally disturbs and we don’t enjoy the game.

  • April 13, 2020 at 11:09 AM

    I agree that there have been a number of “weird” actions during this league, and a lot of them have had positive payoff.
    In certain cases we have reached out to protagonists asking for an explanation, and in some cases the explanation has not been satisfactory.
    Looking at these instances, we gave the teams the option to play without kibs (if either team so desires, it will be without kibs). However, most of the players have taken the position that the loss to our viewers will be a lot more, they need to be able to watch what Indian bridge, especially the top teams that constitute the lockdown battle, have to offer.

    The view has been that if certain players enjoy winning so much that they’d stoop to unfair practices in an event that allows them to be able to compete against the cream of Indian bridge, without any thing at stake, more power to them.

    We are certainly collecting data about these actions, people from BFI like Manish, Sudhir and Pant are involved, and it will give them an insight into maintaining a watch during live events.

    Meanwhile enjoy the game, play your best, and don’t worry too much about results.


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