The pendulum – Summer National Pairs – Session 3


Another spirited auction soon landed us in 4 X with Jaggy as declarer. Double dummy it requires a lead of low heart or low diamond to beat. However, after a normal looking lead of K, Jaggy played a spade to dummy’s jack and soon rolled up 10 tricks.
The first round had given us two good scores and we were off to races.


One thought on “The pendulum – Summer National Pairs – Session 3

  • July 1, 2021 at 7:48 AM

    Thank you Sandeep. The hands and the problems faced come alive with your narrations. Thinking of the field and par actions and still getting the rough end. Tough.
    Very instructive and enlightening thought processes in the ozone layer of bridge.
    Let this be the 1st of many chapters to come in a great book !
    All the best.


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