Inducing Errors – Webinar

I recently did a webinar for bridgepathshala on the topic of inducing errors.

I was asked to make the presentation publicly available – here goes


  • Most decisions in life are driven by two factors – Greed and Fear
  • The dominant factor at bridge is FEAR
  • We bridge players are always afraid


  • Close to 40% of all contracts are beaten
  • Nearly 25% contracts are beaten more than one trick
  • And yet…
    • Less than 3% of the contracts are doubled
  • Of all the contracts that make 12 or 13 tricks, only about 10% are bid to slam
  • Huge equity imbalance – Fear



2 thoughts on “Inducing Errors – Webinar

  • June 13, 2021 at 9:10 AM

    Fear that contract may make = not the only reason why players r shy to X ; perhaps it is even low in the reasons column:-
    1. Gives undue information
    2. Partner may imagine the X alerts him to do something unusual
    3. In a competitive auction the x may persuade partner to bid – in this age of non- penalty X
    The above three come ahead of the fear that the contract may make !!


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