India @ Spingold

Day 2

Indian challenge in spingold came to an end as both the teams lost their matches.

NRK lost a further 20 to trail by 49 going into last set. They recovered 5 in the last set, but that was just a dying flame.

Formidables also lost big in 3rd set and were down 50 going into the last. They lost a further 23 to lose by 73.

Set 2

Formidables recovered almost all the deficit in the 2nd set and now trail by 2.

NRK though trail by 29 after 2.

Set 1

After the first set NRK trail by 9 against Cayne with a score of 34-43, while Formidables trail by 28 (44-16)

Day 1

Both Indian teams are in 4 way groups. You go through if you win your first match. If you lose, you play against the loser of the other match in your group and one goes through.

Formidables won their first match against Kahn while NRK ended  up losing to Rippey and so were playing for their tournament life against Reygadas. They won the match though, and will be playing Cayne. Formidables will be playing Hill.

Day Zero

India has two teams in the spingold – a full strength Formidables (Kiran – Sathya, Jaggy -Tewari, Sunit-Keyzad) while NRK consists of NRK-Kista, Sumit-Laltu. All the best to both the teams.

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