Double squeeze without count

First time in 30 years of playing bridge I recently came across this position – never seen a double squeeze without count rectification; I understand this position was first studied and identified by Martens of PolandĀ 

you hold Sx,Hxxx,Dakqjxxx, C j10

rho deals n opens weak 2H u over all 3D ; lho competes 3S , partner doubles showing 2 way values , your rebid of 4D is raised to 5D by partnerĀ 

lho leads SA; dummy is xxxxx,Axx, xx, AKX

all follow to trick 1 and lho shifts to H2; you notice that if u win and duck a S into LHO pitching a H from hand position is ripe for a double squeeze- S threat in dummy over lho and H threat in hand over rho and run of trumps will ruin defenders in Clubs , the B suit. Nice plan !

your plan is destroyed when u play a S, rho inserts a trump muttering ” u r playing Euro Open , not south zone !”

well u see nothing better than to overruff and lead out your trumps; when u play last trump in 5 card ending your hand is S void H xx Dx( being played),C J10 ; lho has to play from a holding of 2 S and 3C; dummy is Sxx H void D void C AKx and rho has S void H KQ D void C 3 cards

lho cannot pitch a spade as u will then pitch club from dummy and play a spade setting up the last spade in dummy as winner, so he tosses a club and u pitch a spade off table; rho has same problem- if he tosses a H u exit with a H from hand and the J10 of clubs provides access to your hand to cash your H winner ; and when he also parts with a club dummy’s clubs are winners !!!

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