BCBA April Weekend Special

Given the immense response to the PCBA sponsored tourney last week which featured 40 teams, we have for you a bigger tournament catering to more people. Below are the major features of this tournament


The tournament will start on Friday, April 3 and the semi finals and finals will be held on Monday, April 6 2020. 

Two Leagues

We propose to have a Gold and a Silver league like all major tournaments. Teams in the silver league will be allowed to have just one National Master in their team.

There is no restriction on the number of members in a team. However, one person can play only in one team. Both leagues will have a maximum of 30 teams with entries being granted on a first come First Served Basis


Both Gold and Silver leagues will play according to the same schedule below. 

Swiss League

The Swiss League will be have 9 rounds, each of 10 boards, as follows.

Friday, April 3, 5 pm onwards                      Rounds 1 and 2
Saturday, April 4, 10 am onwards                    Rounds 3 to 7
Sunday, April 5, 10 am onwards                      Rounds 8 and 9

Quarter Final League

The top 12 participants in each league will qualify for the quarter final league. This will start at 3 pm on Sunday.

The qualifiers will be divided into 3 groups as follows

Group 1             1,6,7,12
Group 2             2,5,8,11
Group 3             3,4,9,10

Each group will play a round robin of 12 boards per round. At the end of the round robin, the winner of each group and the highest score from the remainder will qualify for the semi finals

Semi Final, Finals and Play Off

The semi finals will consist of 2 sessions of 12 boards each and start at 1000 am on Monday

The top scoring quarter finalist (among the top 3) will get to pick his opponent for the semi final.

The finals and the play offs will start at 0300 pm on Monday

General Conditions of Contest

  • Entry 

    Entries have to be submitted by filling up this formThose who have informally submitted their entry may please fill this form to confirm it.

    Entries are limited to 30 teams in each section for now.

  • Entry Fee

    Account Name  The Bombay Contract Bridge Association IFSC Code  HDFC0000625 
    Bank Name HDFC Branch  Malabar Hill
    Account No  50200037482792        Account Type  Current

    Entry fee for this contest is voluntary. If you are happy with our efforts and would like to receive prizes for good performance, please remit any amount you deem fit to

  • Prizes

    The BCBA will distribute almost all the money received by way of entry fee to the participants as prizes. Prizes will be announced once we are aware of the entry fee contributed by participants.

  • Directors

    Chief Tournament Director     :    Sudhir Agarwal
    Gold Tournament                     :   Sanjay Chakraborty / Sukrit Vijayakar
    Silver Tournament                   :   Sukrit Vijayakar / Sanjay Chakraborty

    Other senior Tournament Directors may also be called on to assist if necessary

  • Barometer

    Barometer will be switched off throughout.

  • Kibitzers

During the league, Kibitzing will be switched off.
During the play offs, if both teams agree, Kibitzers may be allowed subject to the proviso that the Director may, at his discretion, switch off Kibitzing.

  • Undo

During the league, teams may mutually agree to allow undos
During the play offs, undo will remain on, but will be only allowed with the express permission of the director

  • Psychs

Psychs are disallowed in the Silver Tournament

Psychs are allowed in the Gold Tournament subject to the proviso that an individual does not psych repeatedly and regularly. The opposing team is requested to bring all psychs to the TDs notice to prevent misuse of this facility.

  • Withdrawals

Withdrawals are not allowed after a draw has been made. Teams withdrawing in this manner will not be allowed to play in the next event.

Post qualification, withdrawals are not permitted. Teams withdrawing will not be allowed to play in the next event.


Anything not covered here is at the discretion of the organizers. They may opt to consult with one or more senior bridge players / organizers, but their decision will be final and binding in all respects