PCBA League-28Mar
Pimpri Chinchwad Bridge Association is happy to sponsor an online Swiss Leage this weekend, Saturday 28th March and Sunday 29 March, on BBO.
40 teams have registered for this tournament which will have 8 prizes
1st 2000, 2nd 1750, 3rd 1500, 4th 1250
5-8 750 each


The schedule for the tournament is as follows
Saturday: 28th March
7 rounds of Swiss League. Each round will be of 8 boards.
Tentative timings are as below
Round 1.              10 am to 10.50 am
Round 2               11.00 am to 11.50 am
Round 3.              12 noon to 12.50 pm
Lunch break from 1-2 pm
Round 4.              2 pm to 2.50 pm
Round 5.              3 pm to 3.50 pm
Round 6               4 pm to 4.50 pm
Round 7               5 pm to 5.50 pm (depending on the number of entries and time)
We will try to complete all matches by latest 6.30 pm  in case  you cooperate as per the below guidelines is necessary
Sunday 29th March
1000 am Quarter finals  2 Sessions of 8 Boards Each

Line up will be
1 v 8
2 v 7
3 v 6
4 v 5

All teams to play with common boards
1145 am Semi finals – 2 sessions of 10 boards each.
Line up will be
1 v 4
2 v 3
The winner of the quarter final will assume the lower rank for the round
After the first session, there will be a lunch break. The second session will start at 0200 pm
Both matches to have common boards
0330 pm Finals and Play offs  – 2 sessions of 12 boards each.

General Terms and Conditions

  • All league matches will not have kibitzers
  • Psyches are not allowed. We are aware that this is a contentious issue, but for now, let this rest here.
  • All teams will have nominated a SPC for other teams to contact to set up a team match. Please take note as this is the most time consuming part of starting a round in our experience.
  • The knock out matches will be set up by the organizers.
  • If the team match makers can do it, it is recommended that they add SukritV as TD for their matches.
  •  Draws and Results will be posted on *BridgeDuniya.com*
  • The sponsor will distribute the prize directly to the winners.
  • We ourselves are not ‘charging’ anything for our efforts.

    We request participants to contribute anything they wish to to feedingindia.org, an organization set up to provide rations to the daily wage labourer. We stress that this is entirely voluntary.

    Note – Neither Bridge Duniya nor the organizers are party to any donations you wish to make. There are no links between bridgeduniya.com and feedingindia.org