Lockdown battle


Update Day 2:

First thing first, we hit a snag. Formidables vs Alpha match could not be played today.

So the rankings are tentative. Both teams have temporarily been allocated 10 VPs for the purpose of ranking. This match will now be played on Sunday.

We are seeing a tremendous amount of interest. From players all over the country. Every match is seeing a large no of kibitzers. Hope you are enjoying yourself. Hope you’ll post your observations in the discussion thread.

We have another set of exciting matches tomorrow, 3:30 pm DSM vs Alpha, 4:00 pm Formidables vs Hemant, Poddar vs Rampage.

Poddar and rampage are currently ranked 1 & 2, so it the direct match ought to be fun.

Also, Rampage emerged Victors in the recently held Delhi Gymkhana Tourney, beating Poddar in the finals. Can they do it again!



Oh what are we bridge starved community expected to do in this environment of social distancing when we are starved for some quality bridge.

So we thought to bring together some of the top teams in the country together on BBO.

and here we are, with a 6 team round robin tournament, all to be played on BBO, starting today.

The teams are:

  • Formidables
  • DSM
  • Poddar
  • Hemant
  • Rampage
  • Alpha

Please see the schedule section for match schedule.

These will be 24 to 30 board matches in multiple segments.

Team roster available in roster section.

Come watch your favorite players in action

We kickoff with Formidables vs DSM at 2:30 pm today

followed by Rampage vs Alpha at 4:00 pm

and Poddar vs Hemant at 4:00 pm