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Day 2 – waning hopes

A loss to Egypt, draw against Indonesia, and a further loss to last ranking Guadeloupe.. 47 VPs after 6 matches, net score for the day worse than day 1 – when we played three strong teams- and there doesn’t seem to be much of a light at the end of tunnel. We need not one but a string of miracles. Fingers crossed.

Ladies and seniors also had a bad day at work, both teams losing all their matches.

Better luck tomorrow friends.

Round 3 – close wins for open and seniors

Open team won by 3 against usa2. They were leading by 13 most of the way but lost 5 each on bd 14 and 16. So that was disappointing and disheartening. 

Seniors also held onto a 5 imp lead against Canada and are currently ranked 9th.

Ladies lost by 12 to Morocco. And while this improved their rank to 18, there’s a long gap to recover.

There’s been some voices of concern over the same 4 members having played all 3 matches.

Perhaps someone from the team or someone familiar can shed some light on this.

All the very best to all three teams tomorrow.

Round 2 – tight win in open

Open team had a very low scoring match against Bulgaria, winning 10-8 for 10.69 VPs.

Seniors had a big win against Brazil winning 55-20, and nearly wiping out the whole of round 1 deficit. They now have 19.6 from 2 and stand 14th.

Ladies lost out to France by 10 imps.

Good luck people. 

Ladies on vugraph round 2.

Disappointing start

Open team lost their round 1 match to Sweden 12- 47, securing just 2.55 VPs and lie 20th in a pool of 22. Seniors also lost big to China Hong kong (7-45) and got just 2.16 VPs. Ladies had a comparatively better outing though nothing to cheer about – they lost 24-42 to Poland, securing 5.4 VPs. 

Hoping for better tides forward. All the very best.

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