Hcl Bridge app – raising the bar

Once again, hcl-bridge has raised the bar for organizers world wide with the launch of their tournament app. Here’s the whole tournament at your fingertips. Be it schedule, results, draws, entries or even history.

Yes, history. Every player who ever participated in hcl bridge tourney is tracked, and you can see their performance. I think the data only goes back to 2011, but I could be wrong about that. (I was wrong about that, data goes back to 2003 – we are only missing 2010)

One of the mammoth mammoth tasks that has had to be undertaken to get this project going is standardization of names of all BFI registered players, and allocation of numeric ids. A majority of us players have multiple variants of our names, and this has sometimes made it very difficult to track performance.

So far, only the Android version of the app has been launched. IOS version is awaiting approval and should be out shortly. I am not, at this point, aware if a Windows version is planned.

If you haven’t so far explored this app, please do so now. You can download itĀ Here. It’s a must have for all participants and all those who are, for one reason or another, unable to participate , but would want to follow the progress.

Lets all give a standing ovation to man behind the project – idea to execution – Sudhir @sga

Let’s also put our hands together for team hcl-bridge, led by Mrs Kiran Nadar for innovative ideas in organizationĀ  and for making this event one of the most sought after on international calendar.

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