HCL-2017 and us

What a resounding success HCL bridge tournament is turning out to be!!! Arguably the biggest prize money event in the world, it is certainly drawing a lot of attention internationally. 157 teams in 2017 edition, 20 teams from outside the country – its certainly growing in prestige tremendously. Congratulations Kiran and Shiv Nadar, and ofcourse the team behind the show – Subhash, Sudhir, TC Pant and innumerable people who have worked tirelessly for months.

The show gets off the road in a couple of hours. For this edition, Vivek Bhand @vbhand and myself have joined up with team NRK. The whole team is NRK, Kista, Prabhakar, Bhabesh, VB and Self.

Last year playing with Hemant Jalan and Co, we had a lost a heartrendingly close semifinal to Russia, having led 3 of ┬áthe four segments, and then won the play off against DSM to finish 3rd. So we have the incentive of trying to improve upon last year’s performance. However, bridge is cruel mistress – so no predictions.

All the best all participants – let the drums roll.

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