Appeal for funds by junior team for Lyons

The junior team is looking to raise Rs 2.5 lacs to defray the travel expenses for participation at Lyons. The other expenses are being covered by BFI with assistance from WBF. Please contribute and help the juniors make us proud.

The team consists of 

  • Sayantan Kushari
  • Sagnik Roy
  • Souvik Kar
  • Shouvik Dad

Disclaimer – Bridgeduniya team does not in any way benefit from this appeal and has no role in the fundraising efforts .

If you decide to contribute, pls leave a comment here with or without the amount you wish to contribute and someone managing the affairs will get in touch with you.

Contribution promises so far:

  • Sandeep Thakral – Rs 25,000
  • Uttam Gupta – Rs 2,500
  • Keyzad Ankalesaria – Rs 5,000
  • Prasad Keni – Rs 1,00,000
  • Niranjan Narayan – Rs 5,000


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